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Derek Richardson

Derek Richardson

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The Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation would like to thank all of our supporters who contributed to the development of our Prep Readiness Program at 54th Street Elementary School. We are proud to announce two of our fifth grade students, Miss Kayle Murray and Mister Idris Enigbokan have been accepted and will be enrolling in the Advancement Via Individual Determination program at Webster Middle School. The Advancement Via Individual Determination program creates a college-going culture for students enrolled in rigorous coursework who will enroll and succeed in higher education.

Our Prep Readiness program goal is to work with parents, students, and teachers to help prepare students to enroll in the top Los Angeles Unified School Districts (L.A.U.S.D), middle school programs, and private independent schools in Los Angeles.

Besides being exemplary students and a part of our Prep Readiness program, both Kayle and Idris are members of our 54th Street School enrichment program chess and performing arts clubs.

We are proud of these two students as they lay the path for other 54th Street Elementary students to follow. Congratulations Kayle and Idris.

-Derek and Stephanie Richardson

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Provide over 2400 meals a year to homeless

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Derek A. Richardson, Executive Director
Dr, Tia Brown, President

Virgina Dela Cruz-Guitan, Secretary
Stanley Folkes

Dr. Diandra Bremond

Sharla Rucker-Holland

Raised over $50,000

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The Why Can't We Make a Difference Foundation (WCWMADF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation founded on November 25th 2005.

WCWMAD foundation was birthed after bearing witness to the lack of support and resources provided to assist individuals and communities disenfranchised following the floods of Hurricane Katrina. While our foundation is not a religious organization our foundation’s creed was created from the passage Zechariah 7:9, 10, “Thus says the Lord of host: Execute true justice, show mercy and compassion to his brother.” “Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor; let none of you plan evil in his heart against his brother.”

Since its inception, we have matured and now serve our local community.  WCWMAD foundation has raised funds to provide over $50,000 in grants of support to those in need by way of delivering over 2400 individual meals a year to the homeless, grants to prevent evictions, burial expenses, performing arts grants for adolescents and scholarships to young adults for continuing education and college.

In 2011 our foundation launched mentoring and enrichment programs to elementary students in underserved school communities of Los Angeles California. Our enrichment programs are designed to increase academic and emotional interest in students.

 It is our foundation’s intent to bring greater growth to the lives of individuals we impact in an extraordinary way.  We hope that our legacy encourages our stakeholder’s and community to "Make A Difference.”

Our Mission Statement:
The Mission of Why Can't We Make a Difference Foundation, is to increase elementary school students’ academic and emotional interest in school through academic and social enrichment programs in the underserved school communities of Los Angeles California.