Eclipse Workshop Fieldtrip

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A special thank you to Mr. Tim Dickinson and our Art Director Mr. Kenneth Gatewood for sponsoring a field trip for our Art Club to the Eclipse Workshop.  The students of 54th Street Elementary school were introduced to the profession of art and learned first hand how silk screen prints are made. 

Art Program

Derek Richardson

3651 S. La Brea Avenue, Suite 767

Los Angeles, California 90016

Telephone: 213-944-2028

Fax: 323-296-0467

Art:  Instructor Kenneth Gatewood

Goal: The goal is for children to be introduced to the world of visual arts and expression.
Children will learn about art history and knowledge of African American and Latin artists.  They will receive art instruction in watercolors, still life, collages and murals.
Teach children about the business of art as a career option.  They will learn about graphic design and art
Industries and various opportunities outside of inner city communities. 
Introduce workshops through career day.

1.  Introduce various art forms and use of watercolor, acrylic paint, pastels, color pencils, and charcoal.  No toxic materials will be used.
2. Provide visiting artists to talk about their own artwork and career.
3. Exposure to art shows and festivals via video to show where art is sold and the kind of people who attend.
4. Development of what goes into producing an art show.
Anticipated Outcomes:
      1. To spark the interest of children to consider art as a career path and further study.
      2. Expose them to opportunities outside of their community to inspire them with other options.
      3. Improved listening and comprehension skills.
      4. Enhanced hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. 
      5. Builds confidence in self-expression.

Measured results:
       1. Completion of art in each art form presented will be considered successful.
       2. Confidence and ability to explain their expression of art during art showing displayed at school.
       3. Academic Performance
       4. School Engagement
       5. Indices of Student Well Being