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1. Who is eligible for assistance from Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation?

-Anyone who may be suffering from an unexpected trial in their life.

2. What are some examples of unexpected trials that can occur in a person’s life?

-Loss of job and essential utilities are about to be terminated, Medical Emergency, Eviction from residence.

3. What type of services does Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation offer?

-Depending on the need of the applicant, and if we can provide any service, it will be either financial, or social.

4. How does Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation determine financial need and the amount to be given?

-Individuals requesting financial assistance must demonstrate that the need is caused by circumstances that were unpreventable. Individuals are required to complete a financial application. After determining eligibility, Why Can’t We Make A Difference will make arrangements on distribution of the grant.

5. How can a person apply for assistance from Why Can’t We make A Difference Foundation?

-We ask that you email us using the contact page to request an application. 

6. Does Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation associate with other organizations?

-Yes. We have several partnering organization, which we work together with in and attempt to provide needed services. Please look at the bottom of our About Us page on this site.

7. Does Why Can’t We Make A Difference give the awards directly to the individual?

-No.  If any individual is awarded a grant, our foundation makes the payment to the indebted company or institution.

 8. If an individual is awarded a financial grant, do they have to repay the grant?

-No. Individuals do not have to repay the Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation for the award.  Our foundation asks individuals we serve, to serve someone else who may need assistance when the opportunity presents itself.  We also ask that a short testimonial be written about how our foundation assisted them when they were in need.

9. How does Why Can’t We Make A Difference receive it’s funding?

-From in kind gifts from supporters, special events, and private institutions.

10. How can individuals donate to Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation?

-Individuals can either make a donation on our website on the donation page, or mail the donation to:

Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation 5786 Rodeo Rd. Ste., 183 Los Angeles, California 90016.

11. Does Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation need volunteers?

-Yes.  We have activities with children where we need volunteers.  If a person is interested in volunteering please advise us via our Contact Us form.

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