Sam Enigbokan
Coach Derek,
We would like to personally "Thank You" for all the time and effort that you have put into helping our son (Idris) to be a better citizen this year.  Your relentless motivation and guidance has molded Idris to becoming who he is now.  It was due to your patience, persistence  and never giving up on him has made his behavior improved a lot in the past year.  You did a great job for our son, not only as a Coach, but as a mentor, a guidance, a brother and a father!  You have made us all proud!  keep up  the good work! Coach, you are the greatest! "Thank YOU"!

Deacon Anthony Terry and Sis. Debra Terry, Helping Hands Outreach Ministry

Why Can't We Make A Difference has answered it's own question!  Because your organization sure made a difference in the lives of 67 families with children this Thanksgiving Holiday.  We received applications from many families, and we didn't have enough to feed all these families, we contacted you and without hesitation, your donation aided these families with a complete meal.  Again, we say thank you, for being there for those who need it!  When they need it.  God Bless. Next year we are looking to bless even more!

Thank you, Brandon Hampton

We at Sojourn Village and the House of Deliverance are so thankful to God to be able to share this testimony...  Just yesterday, August 30, 2011, we were at the House of Deliverance doing more construction work and the LAPD escorted the City of Los Angeles inspectors onto 43rd Street and into the House of Deliverance.  The inspector walked through the house and back out the front door, then he made a phone call.  He told his supervisor that he wouldn't believe what they had done to the house.  He went on to rave about the new kitchen and bathroom renovations.  He kept expressing his awe and ended with telling his supervisor "these are good people over here, I am positive that we will not have any problems from them."  Not only did the Why Cant We Make A Difference Foundation help Mrs. Joyce Williams' ministry pass its previously failed home inspections and return to full functionality, the foundation gave this ministry hope and a positive renewed relationship with the City of Los Angeles. The inspectors are now allies of the House of Deliverance. Thank you WCWMAD for being a blessing in this city.  This blessing will touch many lives and people, whom which we may never know.  And most of all, this blessing will directly give hurting people a new-found dignity.

Sincerely, Elder Michael Cummings and First Lady Sauna Cummings, We Care Outreach Ministries

On Friday, October 30, 2009, Calvin Hodges gang intervention worker was shot multiple times while on duty in the Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects.  He was counseling a client whom he was able to shield from gunfire.  As a result of the shooting, Calvin is now paralyzed. He is unable to work and provide for his wife and 5 kids. With bills and expenses steadily mounting Calvin fellow gang intervention workers Elder Michael Cummings of We Care Outreach Ministries and Ben "Taco" Owens of Detours decided to put together a fundraiser dinner for Calvin Hodges.  Elder Cummings and Owens went public with this announcement by putting out press releases in the local newspapers and advertising the fundraiser dinner on 102.3 Front Page with Dominique Diprima a few times.

Somehow Derek Richardson, Executive Director of Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation heard about the fundraiser dinner for Calvin and contacted us stating they wanted to make a monetary donation to help Calvin and his family.

We thank GOD for Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation for their act of kindness and generous donation for Calvin.  Because of Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation support along with other supporters the fundraiser dinner was a great SUCCESS for Calvin and his family.

Proverbs 31:10-31 "A Heart In Pursuit of Excellence" God Bless, Ke'sha Harris

Thank you & I Thank God for Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation! I became unemployed due to unreasonable circumstances and was having a very difficult time find a new job, I was getting ready to be evicted from my apartment, Why Can't We Make A Difference foundation was God sent!  The foundation blessed me, deeper then just in a financial way...

When, The financial blessing was given to me, not only did the gentleman -Mr. Richardson, go out of  his way by personally delivery the grant, he had bless me with hope, words of inspiration! which to me was priceless!

When I had approach him receiving the grant, I had tears in my eyes and a strong feeling of brokenness in my spirit. God had sent him just at the right time 'not a minute later or a second to soon' to speak life into me and used him to restore my broken spirit just in the nic' of  time. He didn't give me a long speech but, his short but profound statement truly spoken from a 'Great Man Of God' lift the heaviness from my soul.

To God be the Glory, for Godly individuals and a Great foundation - "Why Can't We Make A Difference"


Richard and Marquita T.

Due to unemployment issues it became very difficult to meet my monthly responsibilities. I had to provide payment for a mortgage, utilities, food and medical coverage for my wife.
We had exhausted all of our savings which was used to help subsidize my monthly unemployment checks.
I had been applying for jobs and not receiving any responses. I was trying to "keep faith" through prayer that God would provide me with a new job. I asked God to direct me to someone or send someone that could help me.

The bible tells us that God will provide our every need. God spoke to my spirit and told me to contact Derek Richardson concerning whether or not he knew of anyone who may be doing any hiring.  Derek suggested  that I contact "Why Can't We Make A Difference" explaining my situation and apply for assistance. On Dec. 10, 2010 I received a check from "Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation" which enabled me to meet my monthly financial responsibilities.

We would like to thank the Why Can't We Make A Difference foundation for their support in our time of need.
We would like to extend our support to your foundation so we can give back to help someone else as you have helped us. May God continue to bless you!

Sincerely, Alex Chumley

Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation, my name is Alex Chumley, I am a 17 year old senior at Crespi Carmelite High School.  First I would like to say thank you for your generous contribution that you made so I amy attend Amazing Grace Conservatory.  AGC to me is like my second home and I was extremely excited about this semester because we are doing the play Wicked.  Things started to turn for the worst when my mother started getting sick, she is in and out of the hospital, and the doctors don't know what is wrong.  I am not the type of person who will ask my mother for a lot of things and this was one of those things.  She said I may attend and I told her not to worry about the tuition.  I had to grow up a little bit and make some sacrafices and that was to save my lunch money for the week, put it away and when I had enough I would pay my way to attend AGC.  When I got the call saying that WCWMADF had offered to pay the rest of my tuition I started to cry because that was a sign from God saying this is where I need to be.  I am glad and grateful that there are good people in this world who is willing to help others in their time of need.

Everything that is going on I had to really talk to God and my faith has gotten stronger.  AGC is a place where it is one big family they are always there for you no matter what you are going through and that is why it is my second home.  I want to thank you again for this amazing contribution and I hope and pray I get the chance to meet people that make up the Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation because what you are doing is giving kids a chance  to do something positive instead of being influenced by the world around us.  I can tell what you do; you do it because you like helping people and not for the recognition or praise and that's how you get blessed.  Continue doing what you're doing let God work through you.  Thank you Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation very much there isn't anything else to say but thank you I must give honor to where honor is due.  May God Bless and Keep you in his arms.  Thank you once again and God Bless.

Thank you, Bob Pembleton

I would like to thank the Why We Can't Make A Difference foundation for your donation and support for my family during our time of need.

I can only say without assistance from your foundation I sincerely believe my kids and I would have simply been out on the street.  I have recently been through a divorce and have been granted by the Arizona Superior Court Sole Legal and Physical Custody of my three daughters Robin 5, Alecia 3, Jasmine 1 and have been strapped financially to get through this strenuous time.

Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation deserves a tremendous amount of credit for assisting families in need and being a rock in the community.  It is comforting to know in these tough times emotionally, spiritually, and financially that you can turn to such a wonderful organization with such great people and find the help you need.

God Bless! Dara Terry Helping Hands Outreach Ministry Administrator

On behalf of the Helping Hands Outreach Ministry, I would like to extend my most gracious thanks to your organization, Why Can't We make a difference, for the generous donation of diapers. You blessed many women with children on Saturday, July 19, 2008,at the Community Outreach Ministry. Sometimes society forget about the babies, but we as outreach ministries cannot and will not forget the youth of tomorrow.

Again, thanks and let us know if we can be of any service to you and your organization.  As our Names says 'Helping Hands Outreach, our Hands are reaching out to HELP!

Thomas Anthony Shine

My name is Thomas Anthony Shine, I am 62 years old.  When medical issues’ wouldn’t allow me to work anymore, and this city’s bureaucracy wouldn’t give me any assistance unless I became homeless, good fortune choose to introduce me to “Why Can’t We Make a Difference Foundation” I could tell you a long  sad story about  how the “Why Can’t We Make a Difference Foundation” came to my rescue, or I can try and create another way to say thank you to the “Why Can’t We Make a Difference Foundation”

I think the best thing that I can do, is to follow their lead and just do the work, so as of today 12/13/10 When ever “Why Can’t We Make a Difference Foundation” needs a volunteer I will be at the front of the line.

Virginia Dela Cruz, Guitan

Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation  I would like to thank you for the assistance you provided to me with a financial grant to assist me with the payment of a bill recently.
Having been recently laid off from my job and receiving only unemployment benefits from the state of California which doesn't come close to paying my monthly expense, the grant from your foundation, helped me weather the storm for this past month.  Being a single mother of a teenage son, the stresses of providing for him can be difficult.
I look daily for employment but unfortunately I haven't been able to find work, so the support I received from Why Can't We Make A Difference was a blessing.  Again I would like to thank Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation for their support and if there is anything I can do for the foundation, please don't hesitate to ask me.

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Derek Richardson

3651 S. La Brea Avenue, Suite 767

Los Angeles, California 90016

Telephone: 213-944-2028

Fax: 323-296-0467

Sincerely Diana Rutledge Vancouver, Canada

On August 24, 2007  I was a victim of a hot air balloon accident.  This horrific accident took the lives of a mother and daughter as well as causing injuries to the remaining ten passengers.

My injuries were amongst the worst due to the fact that I was one of the four persons who went up with the balloon while it was on fire.  It was with the help of God that I managed to jump through the wall of fire and leap seventy feet to the ground.

My injuries were extensive with the damage to my feet being so bad that the original prognosis was that I would probably never walk again.  Well, I am walking now and the rest of my healing is coming along.

 I have been off work for eight months, which has created a very heavy financial burden for me.  Thanks to the support that I have received for my unforeseen hardship from Why Can't We Make a Difference, my burden has been lessened.  I send my heartfelt thanks to the Foundation and I hope they know that they really did make a difference.

Sincerely, Lisa Perdue

On June 14th my niece was murdered, while her mother was at work.  Jaylin was 2 1/2 at the time of her demise.  Needless to say, the unexpectedness of this incident caught the entire family off guard and unprepared financially as well as emotionally.

In the past, my younger son had gone camping with the A Father Forever and Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundations and I knew of the work their foundations had done within the community.

I reached out to the Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation and explained our need.  I was contacted by their office and their representative offered condolences and assisted me on how to apply for a grant to receive financial support. I received the donation and when I asked how I could repay the foundation back, I was told that there was only one request the foundation had for a grantee.  Whenever you're in a position to help someone, you do.

Without the donation from Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation our family didn't know how we would have paid for the burial of Jaylin.  I can not thank Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation enough, you definitely made a difference for me and my family.

Coach William London

"thanks william, that presentation didn't just help the kids... it even helped me! it really spoke to me!!! a very sincere thank you to the Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation!

Things like this reminds me that god doesn't always put you in places for you to change the situation, sometimes he puts you in places for the situation to change you. thanks agian!"

Kim Calvin

First of all i would like to say the lord does provide, and thank you mr richardson and the why cant we make a difference foundation. I thought my life was at its lowest.  my husband walked out leaving me and two kids and one little one on the way.  i could not work, i was so sick with all day morning sickness, and the rent was not going to be paid.  i cried all the time and my babies had to watch me and see how i was suffering, but the thing that hurt the most was knowing by the next month we all would  be homeless, and i could not do nothing to stop it.  i was so sick i could  hardly get up and feed them.  as i pray for strength to get around and find some way to stop all the problems, my kids school administrator told me about why cant we make a difference, and i got on the internet and sent an application.  the same day i did, the landlord called and told me we would have three days to move, and i was shocked.  there i was thinking she would understand what was going on and give me more time, but that was not so.

He asked how he could help and i told him what was going on.  well what do you know, he came and delivered that check to me. lord, god bless these people that have started some thing so wonderful for people like me and my little ones.  lord knows we needed them. thank you again and again.  you are blessed mr richardson. you and all that work for you, doing gods work.  let me know if i can help in anyway.

God Bless, Dennis love

Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation, I want to thank your organization for your continued support of our at risk youth and needy families.  I sent an email to my former Director La Carla Williams to make sure Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation received the recognition for the support you have provided to the Los Angeles Probation Department Imperial Office the last few years.  Although I know you do not do what you do to be acknowledged, I feel extremely grateful to have your foundation as a resource to work with our youth and families.  Thanks for the donation of turkeys for our families for Thanksgiving.

Thanks again, Michele Lowry

Words cannot fully express how thankful I am to Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation.  To begin, your generous donation allowed me time off work to heal from surgery.  The additional time I took off allowed me to heal properly and return to work healthy.  Equally important, the help I received allowed me to provide for my children when it would have been impossible otherwise.  Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation has truly been a blessing in my life and I sincerely appreciate everything the organization allowed me to do.

Darryl Clark

In late October, fires ravaged through the countryside of rural San Diego.  People were instructed to stay indoors and not go to work as the smoke-filled air was heavy with ash and debris, darkening the autumn sky as if it were night.  One of the fires, the Rice fire, named for the area in which it started, Rice Canyon, jumped the 8 lane highway and tore into the residential area where my mother lives.  Roads were shut down for weeks, as the fires traveled along the line of brush throughout the city.  In the mobile home park where my mother lives, there are 212 units, and according to all reports shown on the news, were all destroyed.  It wasn't until 4 days later that were able to go into the park to assess the damage.  There were only 40+ mobile homes remaining, and my mother's was one of them.

She was able to get her belongings out and stay with a friend until the authorities opened the park back up.  It wasn't until 3 months later that she was allowed to return.  There was a sizeable amount of damage to her mobile home, even though there wasn't any structural damage.  Her carpets had to be replaced, it had to be repainted, inside and out, and there was some minor burning to the roof.

Being in the same line of work as Mr. Richardson, but not knowing him or having met him personally, I thought it was a fantastic display of love and generosity to contact me when he heard the news.

The monies donated by Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation has greatly reduced my mother's economical impact sustained by living outside of her home for three months and in helping defray the cost incurred to replace the things in her home.  As she was underinsured, she could not have been able to afford it on her own.  In her words, she relates,  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation for helping me to get back on my feet in this time of emotional turmoil and material  loss. I hope I am able to do the same for someone else if they are ever to need my help."